How I met DH! – Part I

Subir was this popular student in school.. and I was, mediocre, to say the least. He was a year older to me, the headboy and the likes and I was someone who he didn’t even know existed!

Well, like all other trashy rom-coms, I fell in love with him only to be royally ignored. I followed him around like a love struck puppy and this went on for a couple of years, till he graduated high school and went to college.

Slowly with time, I got over the rejection and found love again. Then, one day, after four years, it happened!  I saw Subir with a group of friends in my college canteen, He caught me staring shamelessly and smiled. The first ever! I walked away.

In the days that followed, I kept thinking what would have happened had I smiled back, stayed back, spoken to him.. and before long I was the love struck puppy again! I was pining for another sighting, always missing class, hanging out at the canteen.. but no Subir! In my desperation I called him!